Need dedi with 16 threads CPU, 2 SSDs and 100mbit

Ищу сервер

i need to update my request, i want to ask server providers if they can offer me. i need dedi with 16 threads cpu like Xeon E3, or i7 cpu it should have two SSD disks each at least 120Gb 24gb ram+ 100mbit connection preferably non limitted so i dont need to worry possibility to buy around 25 IPv4 for the price of max. around $2.5/mo per IPv4 free fail hardware replacement any location

price for server possibly under $100, possibly under $110 incl. IPs, payment month by month probably 12 months or more, if RAM is high, i wont need to move. provider must not suspend server in case any abuse, provider suspend only violating IP

thank you